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  Gwenen is the Cornish for Honeybees and it is the native bee of Cornwall that we keep, Apis Mellifera Mellifera.

Gwenen Apiaries started in June 2001; however Rodger has been keeping bees since he was 12 back in 1972. We are members of the Bee Farmer’s Association, Made in Cornwall Approved Origin Scheme, West Cornwall Beekeepers Association and Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association (BIBBA). Rodger also teaches Apiculture at Duchy College, Rosewarne,

The honey product range is all Cornish and all the specialist honeys and comb products are as made by the bees and are typically cold pressed. Honey from the same apiary is kept and batched together, thus allowing the distinctive flavours of that localities honey to come through: even apiaries two miles apart can produce different flavoured honeys! See the ‘So what is honey’ section for more detail.

As we are a small operation we can only produce limited amounts of product and this is all subject to the bees and weather. Crops vary so contact us to find out about current availability.

All the products we sell have either been made by the bees or by Rodger & Carol (hi’ I’m the bee widow and candle maker)! And we only use natural ingredients in our products, for example our candles are made using 100% natural beeswax.

Contacting us
At this time, we are unable to offer an on-line ordering service. Carol will continue to up-date the site, however in the meantime, why not have a look at the ‘Where to find us’ section – we sell direct to the public at regular markets and under 'Stockists" you will see that we supply several local farm shops, health food shops, Delis and gardens with our products.

However you discover us, we hope you enjoy the products and if you do we’ll tell the girls about your comments!

  Important Note:
This site is still under construction - we are busy with the honey harvest !
Some of the links to our products above don't work yet - but they will in due course.
If you want to order anything simply call or email us – we’ll be pleased to help.
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